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Death of a Bogey

Death of a Bogey by Douglas Warner is a brilliant, fast paced, riveting story about the death of a detective’s son who is a budding policeman and the father’s quest to seek revenge on the gangsters who did this. He manages to bring them to the court, but the absence of a key witness spoiled the case and they manage to walk away scot free. This book is set in the 40s London underground with gangsters looking to wrest control from each other. One of the gangs then bust a bank cash van with gold bullions and stash it away somewhere. How Detective Paul Raven, wrecks his revenge on both the gangs and busts the mobs and recovers the money is the rest of the story. The narrative is quite brilliant and fast moving.

Wikipedia does not give any entry for Douglas Warner, but the book cover says  he was a journalist in 1932 and since 1954 he has been writing and travelling with occasional journalism in many countries including Italy, Spain, Australia and Ghana. Back in England in 1959 he met Detective Superintendent  John Gosling and collaborated with him in a study of vice in London, called Shame of a City. His previous experience as a journalist among crooks and prostitutes helped him enormously when he came to write his highly successful thriller novels.

Sad that his books are out of print, and not much is known of him as a writer, no entry anywhere, but would love to get more of his books to read.



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