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Umaj Padel Tar

Lovely award winning Marathi film “Umaj Padel Tar” (1960) starring Ramesh Deo, Chitra, Durga Khote, Datta Salvi among others.

Its based on the theme of problems within a rigid heirarchical joint family system in India, where doubt, jealousy, suspicion, revenge can destroy families. Ramesh Deo and Chitra are happily married he being a motor mechanic having his own garage, Durga Khote being his loving doting mother.

A rival family which is high flying high society types lawyer and his wife but no substance within, plot their downfall through some nefarious games. Rift happens in the family, angry words exchanged, wife stomps off to her father’s house.

The plot is unraveled by the lawyer’s father who knows his son only too well to be taken in his wiles and guiles. All’s well that ends well with lots of lessons learned.

Nice simple plot with rich script and dialogues, not too emotionally heavy. Good accomplished acting by Ramesh Deo, Chitra, Shanta Jog, Datta Salvi, Durga Khote, its a kind of a rich star cast but everybody has played their part well, no overacting by anybody. It got the national award in 1960 for best feature film in Marathi.

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Beautiful, sensitive, socially relevant National award winning Marathi movie “Kanyadaan” (1960) directed by Madhav Shinde and starring Usha Kiran, Dada Salvi among others.

Just like “Vamsha Vriksha” made by Girish Karnad and B.V. Karanth in 1972, this movie deals with the theme of widow remarriage in a traditional rural Indian family setting. And since this movie was made in 1960, it is far advanced for the years.

Usha Kiran has done a super job as the unfortunate widow who loses her army husband soon after her marriage. Her father in law encouraged her to come out of the shackles and join college. In the college she falls in love with another poet. Her mother in law being traditional and orthodox rebels against it, but the father in law brilliantly played by Dada Salvi initially feels aghast but when he overhears her conversation that her in laws love her more than anything else, the heart melts.

Very beautifully made movie with clean direction, rich dialogues and some brilliant acting by Dada Salvi as the elderly person has expressed his emotions very superbly. IMDB 8/10

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Dhakti Jau

National award winning Marathi movie Dhakti Jau (1958) directed by Anant Mane and starring Sulochana among others. Its a simple story of a woman who showers all her love and affection on her husband’s little brother taking care of all his needs until he grows up. The drama starts after his marriage to a city girl with the bride unable to adjust to the household plus her parents coming in to create nuisance in the household. Both of them get pregnant at the same time, the kids get swapped in between them and it all ends in a tragic climax. Super screenplay in the movie. The direction is pretty good, super story line, very strong performance by Sulochana, who is still alive at the rich young age of 92. The direction is very strong because Anant Mane controls the pace of the movie very well, slowly building up the trouble in the household until it reaches a crescendo.

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Shyamchi Aai

A timeless classic made in 1953 which won the first ever National film award in 1953 portrays a simple story of a love between a mother and her child. Very beautifully directed movie by Prahlad Atre, it depicts the struggle of a small family in rural Maharashtra indebted as they are to money lenders, they lose everything twice over. An idealistic family with ample love passing between the family members, it is the mother’s love for her small son which is overwhelming throughout the movie. Both the mother (played by Vanamala) and the kid (played brilliantly by Madhav Vaze) have performed beautifully throughout the movie. The mother teaches all the right values for the kid and wrongs and even smacks when he makes a wrong choice. In turn the son turns out to be an ideal son for the mother. The son once helps a dalit women who has fallen down due to heavy load which she is carrying, for which the temple priest upbraids the kid, but he narrates that his mother has taught him to do it. Great watch for the true movie connoisseur.

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