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Marilyn Monroe – The Biography

Probably the most detailed, exhaustive and explosive biography one can ever get of the enigmatic, beautiful and mysterious Marilyn Monroe.

Donald Spoto has done full justice to Marilyn Monroe by bringing to light all aspects of Marilyn’s life from her birth to her sad and unnecessary death. She had a tragic life for sure, being born an illegitimate child, with her mother leaving her to foster home at the age of 6 months itself. Father unknown and a history of mental illness from the supposed father side, succession of foster homes, being treated like a burden by the families, mother becoming a mental patient and incarcerated for the better part of her life in an institution.

From that emerged a star, hesitant at first, but with clutching to one friend after another, one affair after another not finding happiness anywhere. Succession of marriages with Joe DiMaggio the baseball star and Arthur Miller, the playwright, being the famous ones. Both marriages ended in fiasco with DiMaggio physically abusing her and Miller a mediocre playwright depending upon her for succor. In the end Joe DiMaggio was the one who truly loved her and understood her fully.

Psychological problems, health problems, one after another doctors, psychiatrists, all clinging like leech to her and using her for their personal gains, all selfish, ambitious at her expense. And then her nervousness in front of the camera, studio bosses berating her, blaming her for production losses – all that a girl alone in the world has to endure, she did it with equanimity without blaming anyone.

A really tragic story of a life snuffed out prematurely, possibly murdered because of jealousy and hatred. No connection to the Kennedys which according to Spoto was pure humbug. Brilliant biography of a troubled star by Donald Spoto. Goodreads 5/5

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Monkey Business

American comedy directed by Howard Harks and starring Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Marilyn Monroe, Charles Coburn among others.

Dr. Barnaby Fulton (Cary Grant) is a chemist working in a pharmaceutical company and he is working on a formula to make people young. Edwina Fulton (Ginger Rogers) is his wife. Oliver Oxley (Charles Coburn) is his boss and anxious for the formula because he wants to be young and rich also.

There is a mix up when the monkey is let loose and mixes up some chemicals and dumps the remains in the office water fountain. Everybody drinks the water and acts funnily. Marilyn Monroe is the secretary working in Barnaby’s office. First Barnaby goes young and then his wife drinks the formula she goes young and ga ga. Ginger Rogers finds a baby sleeping on her bed along with her and thinks Barnaby has become a baby.

There is a laugh riot towards the end, with lot of mix ups. Cary Grant has to make an effort to be funny. Ginger Rogers shows us some of her legendary dance moves and Marilyn Monroe looks cute and svelte.

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