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investor charter


SEBI has vide its circular dated 23rd November, 2021 mandated merchant bankers to publish on their websites investors’ charter for various items such as IPOs, buyback, delisting, QIP, preferential issues, takeovers etc. This is slated for compliance from 1st January, 2022 onwards.

The operative part of their circular is given below:

With a view to provide investors an idea about the various activities pertaining to primary market issuances as well as exit options like Takeovers, Buybacks or Delistings, an Investor Charter has been developed in consultation with the Merchant Bankers.

  1. This charter is a brief document in an easy to understand language and contains different
    services to the investors at one single place for ease of reference.
  2. All the registered Merchant Bankers are hereby advised to disclose on their website, Investor
    Charter for each of the following categories, as provided at Annexure-‘A’ to this circular, –
    3.1. Initial Public Offer (IPO) and Further Public Offer (FPO) including Offer for Sale (OFS);
    3.2. Rights Issue;
    3.3. Qualified Institutions Placement (QIP);
    3.4. Preferential Issue;
    3.5. SME IPO and FPO including OFS;
    3.6. Buyback of Securities;
    3.7. Delisting of Equity Shares;
    3.8. Substantial Acquisitions of Shares and Takeovers.
  3. Additionally, in order to bring about transparency in the Investor Grievance Redressal Mechanism, it has also been decided that all the registered Merchant Bankers shall disclose on their respective websites, the data on complaints received against them or against issues dealt by them and redressal thereof, on each of the aforesaid categories separately as well as collectively, latest by 7th of succeeding month, as per the format enclosed at Annexure-‘B’ to this circular.
  4. These disclosure requirements are in addition to those already mandated by SEBI.
  5. The provisions of this circular shall come into effect from January 01, 2022

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merchant bankers in IFSC

IFSCA has vide its circular dated 25th June, 2021 laid down the fee structure for merchant bankers to operate in IFSC.

They are as follows:

a)Application fee of USD 1,000;

b)One-time registration fee of USD 25,000 for new registration;

c)Fee of USD 25,000 every three years post registration.


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