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The End of the Line

Brilliant Nat Geo documentary about the marine life in the oceans, based on the book by Charles Clover “The End of the Line: How Overfishing is Changing the world and What we Eat”. The documentary talks about over fishing in the seas and oceans that has led to the decimation of several species of fishes like the cod fish, blue tuna fish and several other large fishes. Greed amongst the large corporations which employs trawlers, deep trawlers and massive trawlers to capture as much fish as possible for the increasingly health conscious market. More and more people are eating fish these days especially with the advent of the celebrity chefs recommending some rare fishes. Corporatisation has been killing the fishing industry since the last 50 years. They employ huge manpower, technology, huge vessels in order to garner the market. What is happening is that large fishes are being captured at the expense of the small fishes, leading to extinction of large fishes which in turn is disrupting the normal life chain in the oceans and seas. Interesting and in depth documentary this, with lot of experts weighing in with their expert talk and commentary and quotes. The failure of the governments, politicians, business leaders in regulating the fishing trade might see the end of the line for the fishing industry by 2048. There will be no more fishes left to be caught and eaten. Its irony that wildlife extinction is getting so much of eyeballs whereas ocean life extinction is not getting as much attention as it deserves. Worth watching documentary this. Highly recommended, especially for fish lovers. They can buy fish which has been rated as sustainable rather than wild fish.

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