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The Pain Handbook

Excellent book on pain management by Dr. Rajat Chauhan, specialised in sports exercise medicine and osteopathy/ musculoskeletal medicine. Dr. Rajat himself is an ultra runner and organiser of La Ultra – The High, the demanding ultra running in the Himalayas with distances ranging from 111 kms to 555 kms in rarified atmosphere.

Dr. Chauhan focuses on the book primarily on back pain, neck pain and knee pain and related areas like spine, hip, ankle etc. He has given write up on various kinds of injuries that one can have and its solutions. Dr. Rajat is against surgery for back pain unless absolutely necessary. He also gives case histories of several patients who have come to him for treatment and recovered through proper rehabilitation without the need for surgery.

Very useful book for runners as they are prone to back & knee injuries but also to the general public several of them have back pain or neck pain due to their occupational hazards. Goodreads 4/5

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