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digital life certificate


All pensioners of Employees’ Pension Scheme 1995 (EPS’95) are required to submit Jeevan Pramaan Patra (JPP) / Digital Life certificate (DLC) each year to continue drawing pension . In the current scenario of COVID-19 pandemic, the Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) has facilitated multiple options for EPS pensioners to submit their DLC, close to their home or at their door step. JPP submitted through all these modes/agencies are equally valid.

In addition to the 135 regional offices and 117 district offices of EPFO, EPS pensioners can now submit DLC at pension disbursing bank branch and nearest post offices. DLC can also be submitted at nation-wide network of over 3.65 lakh Common Services Centers (CSC). Apart from this, EPS pensioners can also submit DLC using the UMANG app.

Recently, India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) has launched the doorstep Digital Life Certificate (DLC) service for pensioners. EPS pensioners can now submit online request for availing doorstep DLC service on payment of a nominal fee. A postman from the nearest Post Office will visit a pensioner and complete the process of generating DLC at the home of the pensioner only.

As per fresh guidelines, EPS pensioners can now submit DLC at any time during the year, as per their convenience. The life certificate will remain valid for one year from date of submission of DLC. The pensioners who have been issued Pension Payment Order (PPO) in 2020 need not upload JPP till completion of one year.  Earlier, all EPS pensioners were required to submit the DLC in the month of November. This resulted in difficulties faced by pensioners due to long queues and generated rush for submission of Digital Life Certificate. This pro-pensioner step has been taken to provide hassle free social security cover to EPS pensioners.

Senior citizens are at a higher risk for severe illness from Corona virus. During this difficult time of Covid-19 pandemic, EPFO stands with its pensioners by ensuring timely release of pension and bringing services at their doorstep. These initiatives will benefit approximately 67 lakh EPS pensioners out of which about 21 lakh are widow/widower, children and orphan pensioners.

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digital life certificate


In the present scenario of COVID-19 Pandemic, Employees Provident Fund Organization desires that all the Pensioners should stay safe and stay at home in the prevailing Pandemic situation. Therefore, EPFO has proactively partnered with Common Service Centre( CSC) to provide facilities to submit Digital Jeevan Pramaan Patra. Further Post offices have also started collection of Digital Jeevan Pramaan. A multi- agency model adopted by EPFO empowers EPS pensioners with choice and autonomy to select the service delivery agency as per their convenience.

In this regard, a key policy change has been brought by EPFO to allow EPS pensioners to submit their Digital Pramaan Patra at any time during the year as per their convenience and not just during the months of November & December. The Life Certificate will remain valid for One year from the date of submission. For example, The Digital Life Certificate submitted in November/ December 2019 is valid for release of monthly pension for one year i.e up to November / December 2020, respectively.This pro -pensioner step has been taken to provide hassle free Social Security cover to EPS pensioners.

EPS Pensioners are hereby requested to avoid visiting PF Offices and instead submit Aadhar based Biometric Digital Life Certificate for Jeevan Pramaan Patra at respective Bank branches, nearest Post Offices or at Common Service Centers, for details about nearest Common Service Centre use link https://locator.esecloud.in. Pensioners only need to carry their mobile, Bank pass book, Pension Payment Order number and Aadhar number. They can also avail this service by contacting their local Postman/ Nearest Post Office. There are 254 post offices and 100 Common Service centers all over Goa providing services of Jeevan Praman Patra.

For bed ridden pensioners or those suffering for infirmity, Goa Office shall make arrangement to collect Life Certificate from their home for availing such facility, Pensioner/his her family members should send a request through email at ro.goa@epfindia gov.in with complete details.

Therefore, EPFO strongly advises the pensioners to visit their Pension disbursing Banks, nearest Post Offices, Common Service Centers to submit the Digital Life Certificate/Jeevan Pramaan Patra, in this COVID-19 Pandemic situation in order to stay safe.

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Pensioners’ portal

PIB press release dated 29th March, 2018

EPFO has launched the pensioner’s portal  https://mis.epfindia.gov.in/PensionPaymentEnquiry. The pensioner’s portal is recently launched service, available at EPFO website by which all EPFO pensioners may get the details of pension related information like Pension payment order number, Pensioner’s Payment Order details, Pensioner’s passbook information & other related information such as date of credit of pension, submission of pensioner’s life certificate etc.

It is helpful to know the status of their life certificate, in case of non-submission/rejection of life certificate of the pensioners. It also provides the details and the reason of stoppage of pension.

Track e KYC:

The enhanced “Track eKYC” facility for the convenience of members have been launched to check the status of Aadhaar seeded against their UAN and to figure out the specific mismatch details.

The facility has been made available at EPFO’s website http://www.epfindia.gov.in >> Online Services >> e-KYC Portal>> TRACK eKYC.

Using the facility, EPFO members can online track the status of Aadhaar seeded against his/ her UAN. While using the facility, the member will have to provide his/her UAN. After entering his/ her UAN the member can click the “Track eKYC” button and the exact status in respect of his/her UAN will be displayed on the screen.

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Acknowledgement of Pensioners’ life certificates

RBI has vide its circular dated 7th May, 2015 mandated that all banks receiving pensioners’ life certificates should immediately give a stamped acknowledgement of the same. This was necessitated because many a times, the banks misplace the certificates in the huge mountain of papers in their offices resulting in the pensioners not getting their pensions on due dates. RBI has also introduced an Aadhar based digital life certificate as per this circular i.e. https://www.rbi.org.in/Scripts/NotificationUser.aspx?Id=9394&Mode=0

That will be the subject of my next blog perhaps.


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