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Jai Bhim

Brilliant hard hitting legal drama film “Jai Bhim” directed by T.J. Gnanavel and starring Suriya, Prakash Raj, Lijomol Jose, Rajisha Vijayan among others.

Based on a true story of a fight for justice by Justice Chandru who was then practising as a senior advocate in Madras High Court. The case was one of wrongful arrest, torture and custodial death for which the police tried as much as possible in fabricating false evidence and bringing in false witnesses. The accused were members of a tribal community, the Irulas, one of whom was accused of stealing jewellery from the house of an upper caste family.

Adv Chandru (Suriya) takes up the case and fights for justice for the pregnant wife Sengenni (Lijomol Jose) whose husband Rajakannuu (K. Manikandan) is the one wrongfully arrested and tortured. Nice script but too many emotional scenes and songs rob it of a top class international movie flavour. Prakash Raj comes in as the investigating officer in the case to delve deep into the actual incident that took place.

There is enough realism in the movie but the soundtrack and emotional quotient lets it down slightly. All the main characters, Suriya, Lijomol, Prakash Raj have done superb roles as are the police officers who carried out the brutality. That’s all appearing as realistic.

There are thousands of cases of custodial torture and death still taking place in many parts of the world. And the people suffering are the poor, marginalised sections of the society, whom the police randomly catches as a culprit in order to mask their inefficiency and incompetence and to seek favours from their higher bosses to show a higher conviction rate. Josy Joseph has brilliantly captured all those aspects in his book “The Silent Coup” about which you can read it here https://vramonline.wordpress.com/2021/11/05/the-silent-coup/

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