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non discriminatory tariff

TRAI has issued a directive on 2nd September, 2021 asking TSP (Telecom Service Provider) to adhere to the TRAI guidelines, regulations in the matter of tariff.

There shall be no discrimination between subscribers of the same class, and the classification, if any, ,shall not be arbitrary;

Classification between subscribers should be on the basis of intelligible eligibility criteria;

There should not be differential tariff to subscribers porting from a different network;

Channel partners/ retailers/ distributors/ third party apps are unlicensed service providers and they are the responsibility of the TSPs and it is the TSPs who are responsible to ensure that the channel partners etc. adhere to the TRAI guidelines on tariff.

Only the tariffs reported to the TRAI are offered through their channel partners etc.

All tariff offers should comply with the extant TRAI guidelines/ regulations in this regard and where the name/ brand of TSP is being used in marketing and selling of products and services, it is the responsibility of TRAI to ensure that the guidelines are fully adhered to.

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covid standard health policy

IRDAI has vide its circular dated 13th October, 2020 allowed insurers to offer renewal, migration & portability as may be applicable to the covid standard health policies subject to certain conditions to be fulfilled. Gist of the circular is given below.

1.         Reference is drawn to clause 12 of Section C of Guidelines on Covid Standard Health Policy (Corona Kavach) (Ref: IRDAI/ HLT/ REG/ CIR/ 163/ 06/2020 dated 26th June, 2020) and clause 10 of Section C of Guidelines on Covid Standard benefit based Health Policy (Corona Rakshak) (Ref: IRDAI/ HLT/REG/CIR/164/06/2020 dated 26th June, 2020) vide which it was specified that lifelong renewability, migration and portability are not applicable to these products.

2.         Reference is also drawn to circular (Ref No: IRDAI/ HLT/ REG/ CIR/ 192/07/2020 dated 21.07.2020) on filing of Corona Kavach Policy as group health insurance product vide which insurers were allowed to offer Corona kavach policy as group product.

3.         In partial modification of the above guidelines, insurers have the choice to allow renewal, migration and portability, as may be applicable, for these COVID specific standard health products (i.e, “Corona Rakshak Policy”, “Corona Kavach Policy” and “Group Corona Kavach policy”) subject to the following norms.

4.         Renewal:

a)         ‘Corona Kavach’ and ‘Corona Rakshak’ policies of any tenure may be renewed for further terms of three and half months (3 ½ months), six and half months (6 ½ months) or nine and half months (9 ½ months) as per the option exercised by the policyholder. The renewal shall be subject to the underwriting policy of the insurer.

b)         Renewals, if any, may be done before the expiry of the existing policy contract.

c)         Where policy is renewed, additional waiting period of 15 days shall not be imposed and the coverage shall be continued seamlessly.

d)         During renewal, sum insured may be allowed to be changed by the policyholder. For any increase in the sum insured, the waiting period shall start afresh only for the enhanced portion of the sum insured.

e)         Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak policies are permitted to be renewed till 31st March,2021 complying with clause 5 of Guidelines on introduction of short term health insurance policies providing coverage for COVID-19 disease (Circular Ref No: IRDAI/HLT/REG/ CIR/156/06/ 2020 dated 23.06.2020).

5.         Migration:

a)         In respect of Corona Kavach individual policies, insurers have the choice to offer migration to any other indemnity based health insurance product offered by them as per the option exercised by the policyholder.

b)         In respect of Corona Kavach Group policies, insurers have the choice to provide migration to the members insured to any other individual indemnity based health policy at the point of exit of the member insured from the group policy or the cessation of coverage of the underlying group policy.

c)         Where migration is allowed, the accrued gains of waiting period served in the existing Corona Kavach policy (Individual/Group) shall be protected in respect of coverage for Covid-19, in the migrated policy.

6.         Portability: General and Health Insurers are permitted to allow portability of Corona Kavach (individual) policy from one insurer to another. The accrued gains of waiting period served in the existing Corona Kavach policy shall be protected in respect of coverage of Covid-19, by the porting-in insurer.

7.         Where migration/portability from the Corona Kavach policy (Group/Individual, as applicable) is allowed by the insurers, such migration/portability to any other comprehensive health insurance policy shall be allowed, till the end of policy period of the existing Corona Kavach policy.

8.         This has approval of the Competent Authority.

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portability on health insurance policies

IRDAI circular dated 7th October, 2020 on the subject,

Re:  Additional Norms on portability under Health Insurance policies

  1. Reference is drawn to Chapter VIII of “Consolidated Guidelines on Product filing in Health Insurance Business” (Ref: IRDAI/ HLT/ REG/ CIR/ 194/07/2020 dated 22.07.2020) through which guidelines on migration and portability of health insurance policies were specified.
  2. Further to the above referred guidelines, for seamless coverage with continuity of benefits to the account holders of various banks who are provided health insurance coverage through group insurance schemes, the following guidelines are hereby issued.

a.    Members of an indemnity based group health insurance policy offered to account holders of a bank are allowed portability of their coverage to another indemnity based group health insurance policy offered by a different insurer to the account holders of the same bank.

b.   The portability will be offered subject to the option exercised by an individual member of the group policy.

c.    All other norms specified in Chapter VIII of the above referred guidelines are also applicable.

  1. These additional guidelines are issued in exercise of the powers vested under Regulation 17 of IRDAI (Health Insurance) Regulations, 2016 read with Section 34(1) of the Insurance Act, 1938 and will come into force with immediate effect.
  2. This has the approval of the competent authority.

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