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relief to QIBs in private placement

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, India has vide its notification dated 16th October, 2020 amended the Companies (Prospectus and Allotment of Securities) Rules, 2014 by allowing the special resolution for allotment of shares to Qualified Institutional Buyers once a year, instead of every time it is issued to the QIBs.

A proviso has been to the Rule 14(1) which says as follows

Hitherto, the special resolution was required to be passed for each offer or invitation to the QIBs.

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Private placement/ preferential allotment to foreign shareholders

In respect of private placement/ preferential allotment of shares under section 42 of CA 2013, the allotment has to be done within 60 days of the receipt of application money, whereas FEMA gives 180 days time for allotment of shares in case of receipt of inward remittance from foreign shareholders. This is apparently a dichotomy because normally in case of foreign inward remittances companies normally wait for one or more tranches and then allot the shares within 180 days of the first remittance received. Also how do we treat that companies act 2013 gives one time limit for allotment and FEMA regulations gives another time limit for allotment. 

Moreover where one remittance has been received before April 2013 and the second one after April, 2013, which law should be applied, the 1956 Act or the 2013 Act, because for private placement under section 42 requires previous approval of the shareholders by way of special resolution for each of the private offers. So in case do we have to treat each remittance as a separate offer then take separate special resolutions for each offer. 

Moreover, rights issue, ESOP issue and preferential allotment appears in Chapter IV relating to share capital and debentures whereas private placement under section 42 appears in Chapter III relating to Prospectus and Allotment. 

Moreover what is the form to be used for filing allotment under section 62 in respect of rights issue or preferential allotment. Form PAS 3 refers to allotment made under sections 39 and 42 only.

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