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A river and its people, the Niger river

Interesting documentary on the River Niger in North West Africa and the people living by it.

River Niger is the third most important river body system in Africa after River Nile and Congo river. The documentary goes on a journey in a small boat from the village of Gao to Timbucto and lastly to Mopti. On the way, they descend of some small villages by the river side, which are all wholly dependent upon the river for their livelihood.

The documentary goes to Tibility, Bankom, Timjin, Dagaforu and lastly to Mopti. In all these small villages, fishing is the main occupation. The desert is not far away from the shores and so there is very little by way of economy except fishing and sustenance farming.

Trade does take place of dried fishes and some craft work. Timbuctu is a worn out ghost city living on its past glory. Mopti is a bustling post town with lot of trade activity going on here with business people from as far away as Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Mali, Burkina Faso coming to sell their products. Its also the place where the boats are made.

Since its a river documentary, it does not go deep into the villages or town. Life is tough in these parts, but the river Niger supports them. You can watch this documentary here.

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