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McCabe by Edmund Naughton (no image found anywhere) is a western fiction book. McCabe is a larger than life hero, having moved to a small nondescript town called Presbyterian Church. The town had this church, one main street, couple of dining bars and that’s about all. When McCabe moved from Bearpaw to Presbyterian Church, there was one dining bar owned by Sheehan. McCabe damaged that monopoly by building his own dining bar with gambling tables. Out comes Mrs. Miller a whore looking to establish herself in Presbyterian Church. She had also come from Bearpaw, where she apparently learned that this town had some zinc, so good prospects for business. McCabe slowly falls for her. He is also a ace gunshot by the way. So when the mining company tries to buy out the entire town, problem starts. They send somebody to negotiate, it fails, then they send gunmen to finish it off. Not much of a story in the book. Apparently this book was made into a movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LmFMpg_fgIg directed by Robert Altman and it became a huge hit in 1971. The book was published in 1959 by the way. Edmund Naughton (1926-2013) was an American writer and McCabe was his first book. He wrote 5 more books, “The Pardner” in 1971, “A Case in Madrid” in 1973 and “The Maximum Game” in 1975. Two more books were directly translated into French only.


Goodreads 2/5

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