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Blitzcat by Robert Westall

Blitzcat by Robert Westall is a very unusual book about the life of a cat during the world war II. It is a black cat and surprisingly and contrary to the popular belief among Indians, this black cat was considered to be lucky and many people aspired to save and keep this cat with them. The story takes place in Dover on the coast of England which experienced severe night time bombing and consequently destruction of property and lives. The cat miraculously survived all these and in fact the cat psi-trailed its original owner. The cat had an unusual name “Lord Gort” which was inscribed in a name tag bound around her neck. Lord Gort saved several lives whereas some people detested it. The narrative is not catspeak unlike “Black Beauty” or “Tiger of Malgudi” both equally impressive books about animals. It is the first time that I have read a book on cats and usually i detest cats but reading about Lord Gort’s adventures did soften my feelings for cats a bit though i still detest fat cats. 

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