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Artificial Intelligence

Interesting documentary on how artificial intelligence is changing our lives, in terms of helping humanity whether by way of intelligent prosthetics for amputees. Thanks to AI the body and machine are slowly merging, making it possible to allocate more and more tasks to the robots. But there is a scourge of AI too in terms of fake news proliferating all over the world through use of algorithms based profiling, People are believing fake news more than the real news. There was a case of fake news against vaccines used for treatment of cervical cancer, which led people to be sceptical of the reality. Another area of concern is with respect to autonomous weapons using intelligent image recognition and automatic target recognition to choose its own victims. So where does human thinking end and where does machine based thinking predominate. These are ethics questions to be answered. China has adopted AI in big way by digitising a lot of things, so there is very little cash and more and more things are being done on the smart phone. Apparently China has been filing more AI patents than anybody else in the world.

All this goes against the grain of nationalism currently pervading India against China. They have gone far ahead of any other nation in terms of economic growth. Many of their cities GDP is equal to or more than many small nations in Europe.

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