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5.53 kms

There was a slight break in the incessant rains at around 6.00 a.m. today morning, so decided to go out for a quick run. Not run since Monday so wanted this badly, a shortie 5.53 kms just to get the legs moving. Beautiful weather today morning in Mumbai in the back road behind Inorbit Mall, Malad.

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7.35 kms in mindspace

7.35 kms in mindspace, Malad, Mumbai. With that i cross 500 kms for the year 2020. Its been a huge effort coming back from virtually no running for 3 and half months to slowly building mileages. Nowadays i see a lot of people out there running, jogging, walking, cycling, skating etc. Its tremendous what is happening post covid people are finally taking their health seriously. I see women running in saris, that is like WOW!! i see a lot of slum dwellers out there walking with their kids, and that is a good sign as well. Weather is still very humid, i guess winter is a few days away.

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