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Mystery in Sudan: The Lost Pharaohs

Interesting documentary on the pharaohs of Sudan, something that is not very well known to the world is the civilisation in Sudan which pre-dates that in Egypt itself.

The Mahdi king ruled over a vast area including Egypt for more than 5000 years. And there are pyramids galore in Sudan though not well kept because they are off the famous tourist circuit.

David Adams takes a mix of journeys from river to train to foot to camel back to bus to travel from Dongola to Khartoum enroute touching upon Karima, Meroe, El Kodab, Khartoum and talks of the life and ancient cultures of Sudan. He refers to the dervishes, nuba wrestlers, the battle of omdoman with Lord Kitchener’s army butchering thousands of Mahdi warriors after the dervish army routed the British some years before.

Its quite a fascinating documentary and its a rich learning of the Sudanese past pre-dating the Egyptian civilization by thousands of years. You can watch the documentary here.

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The Nubian Caravans

Fascinating documentary on the Nubian Caravans of Sudan.

Its actually quite a magnificent documentary on the harsh nomadic life of people in Sudan. It is presented in a narrative form with only one Doctor who studied in Romania talking about his tribe of people.

The documentary takes the viewers to Sinkat, the Hedendoa warriors, Sowakin, Jumna tribes, Bukhara tribes, Cassara mountains and the Rashida tribes. Each tribe has a different culture and tradition, some are pure nomads, some are settlers, some are rich, in terms of jewellery and some are rich Arabs who come from Saudi Arabia to purchase camels from here.

The camels also vary from one tribe to another, some camels are prized ones, some are fast, most are solid carriers of course. Water and vegetation is scarce in these parts, but where there is water body system, the marine life is rich in those parts.

The camera work and cinematography of the documentary is quite breathtaking to say the least. You can watch the documentary here.

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The Four Feathers

Brilliant British war movie “The Four Feathers” (1939) starring John Clements, June Duprez, Ralph Richardson among others.

The story is set in the closing stages of the 19th century when British forces are engaged in a war with Sudan’s ruling elite. Harry Faversham (John Clements) has grown up hating war and is not at all interested in armed combat. Yet he is forced to don army boots in order to pacify his father who thinks he is a coward.

An engagement is announced between Harry and Ethne Burroughs (June Duprez) but Harry resigns his commission before his regiment is due to depart to Egypt. His three friends John Durrance (Ralph Richardson), Thomas Willoughby (Jack Allen) and Peter Burroughs (Donald Grey) tease him by giving him a card with white feathers a sign of cowardice. Upon receiving this, he demands the fourth feather from his fiancee who is upset at him not going to war.

Then the story is all about our hero Harry going over to Egypt, masquerading as a local Svengali, infiltrating their ranks and helping the British troops win the war against the Sudanese and redeeming himself against his friends and his fiancee. Very beautifully made movie with clean direction, excellent cinematography, some very good war scenes, good script and some decent acting. IMDB 8/10

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