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non discriminatory tariff

TRAI has issued a directive on 2nd September, 2021 asking TSP (Telecom Service Provider) to adhere to the TRAI guidelines, regulations in the matter of tariff.

There shall be no discrimination between subscribers of the same class, and the classification, if any, ,shall not be arbitrary;

Classification between subscribers should be on the basis of intelligible eligibility criteria;

There should not be differential tariff to subscribers porting from a different network;

Channel partners/ retailers/ distributors/ third party apps are unlicensed service providers and they are the responsibility of the TSPs and it is the TSPs who are responsible to ensure that the channel partners etc. adhere to the TRAI guidelines on tariff.

Only the tariffs reported to the TRAI are offered through their channel partners etc.

All tariff offers should comply with the extant TRAI guidelines/ regulations in this regard and where the name/ brand of TSP is being used in marketing and selling of products and services, it is the responsibility of TRAI to ensure that the guidelines are fully adhered to.

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