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Butter Chicken in Ludhiana

The tagline read “travels in small town India” yet this is most untravel travel book that i have ever read – “Butter Chicken in Ludhiana” by Pankaj Mishra.

This book is less of a travel book and more of the author’s observations of people in few small towns of India. The towns he visited is not even a representative sample as he randomly went across from one place to another without any plan or strategy. He does not talk about the cultures of a place, its monuments, gardens, food, style, like a typical travel book. Mostly observatory and partly imaginative, he writes of a new and emerging India that has been recently liberalised in 1991 (the book got published in 1995, so his writing must have been around that time after 1991).

His travels takes him to small towns where the aspirations of people were beginning to rise, they were getting more ambitious with a swagger of confidence coming by. But he invariably saw a lot of filth & garbage everywhere he went in the railway stations, hotels, roads, alleys so in a way this book is like a scathing indictment of new India.

What saves the book is the writing, Mishra has written beautifully, his narrative is flowing with his travels and his thoughts on various subjects. It is a very beautifully written book but not a travel book. Goodreads 2/5

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