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A Life Among the Clouds

An exciting short documentary on tree kangaroos in Papua New Guinea.

Never knew of the existence of tree kangaroos anywhere. The normal thing you relate to when you hear about kangaroos are the hopping species found predominantly in Australia. This type of tree kangaroo is adept at climbing trees and very little is known about them.

So a scientist with the help of locals in Papua New Guinea traps a few tree kangaroos with the intention of fitting GPS tracking devices onto their necks and getting voluminous data that correlates to not only their behaviour but also other animals in the area, the trees, plants, wildlife etc.

Another lovely thing about the rain forests in Papua New Guinea is that all the land is owned by the locals only. It does’nt belong to the government or big corporates. So the locals have a big stake in protecting the environment, its habitat and retaining the ecosystem.

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