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What a brilliant movie, made way back in 1956 by Hemchandra Chunder starring Meena Kumari, Pradeep Kumar, David Abraham, Motilal, Shashikala among others. It won a national award for the best feature film in that year.

Its such a socially relevant movie woven into a beautiful story. A movie which talks about untouchability and religion, is way ahead of its time.

Meena Kumari (Vani) is an ardent devotee of God. They are from upper class brahmin family. Now circumstances have contrived their family wealth in such a manner that she has to get married to a pure brahmin boy before the age of 18 otherwise all the family wealth will dissipate. Her father is an atheist but grandpa was a devotee and he has dovetailed all this into his will.

Pradeep Kumar (Amarnath) is a socially aware young person with the right ideals but not necessarily that belonging to the upper class brahmins. He mingles with the dalits and takes flowers from them, touches them, goes to their house etc. So the family grab him for a possible suitor but with condition that after marrying he will leave away for good, somewhat like a contract marriage.

Meanwhile Motilal who is like a cousin to Meena Kumari comes in and advises her to adopt a bohemian style post marriage but realises his own folly when he starts loving his wife Shashikala. Its a nice simple movie with subtle messaging going on. Both Meena Kumari and Motilal have done simply brilliant performances with their acting talent, which is frankly mind boggling. Motilal especially appears effortless in his mannerisms and for Meena Kumari this must be one of her early movies, so she has clearly shown what a talent she was.

The print in youtube was very bad, some circus guy has splashed his banner right across the print and muted all the songs. IMDB 7/10

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