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Danger Zone – West Bank

This is probably the hardest of all conflicts that Ariglit Boonyai had been to in this first season of this series. This is the mother of all conflicts and does not look to be dying down any soon. It is a historical conflict, with a lot of emotional tag involved going back into hundreds of years, perhaps. West Bank is the epicentre of the conflict or maybe it is Jerusalem or Hebron. West Bank has both Jewish and Palestine settlements and there is a 700 kms wall made of steel and reinforced concrete so that sort of gives some peace to the area because previously there were lot of bombings, attacks, knife attacks etc. There are hardliners on both sides of the divide and people just don’t want to trust the other side. Both sides are not ready to give up. There might have been umpteen attempts at peace and reconciliation between the two parties, but it does’nt look like settling any time soon. Hebron is the holy place where the burial chamber of Abraham and his family are located and it is on Palestinian side but there are Jewish settlements here too. There there is Jerusalem which is revered by three religions and that’s sacred as well with Palestinians claiming Jerusalem to be their property. Boonyai does meet with some Israeli peace lovers who are trying to mend the divide by providing solace to the hundreds of Palestinians who travel every day to Jerusalem to work and then there are teachers who teach both Jewish and Palestinian kids in the same school, teaching them both the languages. So the children are really the hope for this land in future but time will only tell.

This is a good series and there are enough conflict spots around the world for it to explore. But next season, i would like to see less of the camera on Boonyai. He can just come in and go, maybe stay during interviewing.

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