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A NatGeo documentary on an unique project in Zambia, to recruit woman to fight the poachers. It is a dangerous job all right, with the poachers with their rifles all ready to kill anybody who comes in their way to kill the animals. But this project is dependent on one main ingredient i.e the woman’s instinct to protect. Woman are natural protectors whether they be of their own babies or animals. All one has to do is to train them to be expert in guns, hand to hand combat, stamina, guts and daring to do the job. This Zambian project is good, it has already recruited more than 100 women into this fold. All the women in the project are poor, so they are needy and have the urge to do the job.

India should also seek to engage women in a project to protect the animals. Indian women are now allowed to engage in combat duties on the military front, so this won’t be difficult for them.

Available to view at https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=6&v=WUYQS40I9mw&feature=emb_logo

Picture above taken from internet and used for representational purposes only, not with an intent to violating copyright.

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Afronauts, a short film by Nuatomo Bodomo, a fictionalised account of a Zambian albino being the first person to land on the moon ahead of the Americans. The Zambian preparation is much simpler with a lot of song and dance and some inspirational talk. It is an aspirational movie on the realm of possibility.

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