Bajate Raho, the movie

Lately some movies have good content and have managed to break the mould of formula films of songs, sex, skin show, etc. But merely content is not enough as is evident after watching “Bajatey Raho” on the telly yesterday. The movie has good content, but the screenplay is atrocious. The movie is about a bank manager who has been dishonestly implicated in a fraud by his boss and whose family seeks revenge on the boss. The plot is good, but the film never manages to rise above the mediocre in the sense that there is no cliffhanger shots or nail biting finales. Second rate actors have been used by the director so the overall glamour quotient is also missing. There are no power packed performances which could have lifted the movie out of its ordinary morass. Truely it is worth watching for its laughter quotient and the subtle comedy at the Delhi/ Punjabi accents and their way of life,  

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