Panchavadi Palam

Rip roaring political satire comedy Malayalam movie “Panchavadi Palam” (1984) directed by K.G. George and starring Bharath Gopi, Nedumadi Venu, Thilakan among others.

Such brilliant satire i have not seen in any other Indian movie to date, its pulsing and rippling with satire of the brutal kind never seen before. Every single dialogue is dipped with the satirical pen. Those were the times when such political satire movies could be made fearlessly without rankling the establishment.

A henpecked politician brilliantly played by Bharath Gopi is coerced by his fellow crooked right hand man Nedumadi Venu into making a demand for destruction of a good bridge and construction of a new one with the name of Bharath Gopi etched into it.

A rival politician Thilakan gets into the act and demands his share of the pie. Ultimately the politicians on both sides of the divide are seen to share the spoils in the form of rich juicy contract, pay offs, kickbacks, drowning the common handicapped man Sreenivasan, who is also a kind of narrator in the movie, the guy who sees all but is unable to do anything about it. He is the metaphor for the common man, crippled and dazzled, but scarcely able to mount any resistance.

The characters also have funny names from mythology like Dussashana, Shikandi, Tharakan, Mandodhari, Habel, Kathavarayan, Anarkali among others. The film has shades of Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron, the brilliant satirical movie by Kundan Shah starring Naziruddin Shah, Om Puri, Pankaj Kapur, among others. IMDB 10/10.

Image above taken from the internet for representational purposes only, not with an intention to violating copyright.

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